A Look Inside Demi Lovato's Path To Rehabilitation

A Look Inside Demi Lovato's Path To Rehabilitation
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Following her 90 days of treatment in a rehabilitation facility, Demi Lovato is back at home, slowly getting back to her usual self. An insider explained that the singer is hanging out with her mom, Dianna De La Garza, as well as with the staff at a sober living home.

The source explained, "Demi is doing a lot better lately. She looks healthy and is in a pretty cheerful mood. With that said, she's still pretty focused on herself and her lifestyle. Right now, her career is the last thing on her mind. It's all about getting back to normal at the moment."

The insider added that Demi is focused on both support meetings and treatments from psychologists and sober-living experts. She has prioritized mental and physical health.

As it was previously reported, Demi has been hanging around the fashion designer, Henry Levy, a person she met a few years back. The insider explained that Henry has been helping her get back to normal - he has had similar experiences.

Reportedly, Demi has known him for a long time and has even worn his clothing. At one point in his life, he lived a troubled life, but he's doing a lot better now.

The source described him as an "eccentric guy, but he's not a boring person, and Demi appreciates his idiosyncrasies." Yesterday, the star was spotted hanging out in Los Angeles, and also stopped by an office building.

On Tuesday, Lovato uploaded a picture of herself voting on Instagram. The star said she was grateful that she was able to get out in time to perform her civic duty.

Since Demi was hospitalized, many of her fans have expressed support for her online. It all comes at a time when the conversation around opioid abuse is at the forefront.

Following the death of Mac Miller on the 7th of September, as well as Lil' Peep who died earlier in the year, the urgency for finding a solution to a looming problem has grown.

An insider who spoke on Demi's situation explained that "even though Demi is working on her health, her art is still important to her, and I think that she'll be able to come out on top in a big way from all of this."

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