A Look Inside Barack And Michelle Obama Family Vacation In Polynesia!

A Look Inside Barack And Michelle Obama Family Vacation In Polynesia!
Source: TheDailyBeast

Barack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama are living the dream! The former President and First Lady are finishing up their month-long vacation in French Polynesia.

The former President of the United States, 55-years-old, arrived at the islands on the 15th of March and spent his nights relaxing at the Brando resort on the private island Tetiaroa. The island was formerly owned by the legendary actor Marlon Brando!

Ever since he left office, Obama has spent a majority of his time writing his highly-anticipated memoir. A source indicated publishers were willing to pay up to $60 million for the rights to publish and distribute the book.

The former First Lady joined the 44th President a few weeks into his vacation. The couple rode a boat to the island of Mo'orea for a wonderful day of swimming and water boarding.

They were heavily guarded by several bodyguards. Photos obtained by the outlet TNTV, show Michelle, 53-years-old, paddleboarding in the pristine blue water while Barack floated around in a nearby lagoon.

The 44th President even enjoyed some snorkeling in Fakarava!

Fans of Barack were happy he took some time out of his day on vacation to take selfies with other tourists, although his security requested the photos would have to be private.

The Obama family has been traveling all around the world since Barack finished his final term as President on the 20th of January. They went to Palm Springs, California as well as the famous Necker Island owned by Virgin Mobile magnate Richard Branson where Barack participated in a kite-surfing competition.

Shortly after, he went to his home state of Hawaii to play some golf before finally making his way to the South Pacific. It must be nice!


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    Crissy Apr 10, 2017 6:09 PM PDT

    Miss them both wish they were back here

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