A Look At The Story Behind John Cena and Nikki Bella's Engagement

A Look At The Story Behind John Cena and Nikki Bella's Engagement
Source: PEOPLE.com

As we reported earlier , John Cena proposed to his girlfriend Nikki Bella after they were victorious at Wrestlemania 33. On Monday morning they revealed the details behind their moment on the Today Show with Al Roker. It turns out Cena had been planning to pop the question for a long time.

John recanted on the show that he has had a lot of surgeries and Nicole was by his side anytime he would be put under anesthesia, the drug would act as a sort of truth serum where a person could ask him anything they wanted.

Bella used the opportunity to ask John all kinds of questions when he was under the effect of the "truth serum" to satisfy her curiosity, but this one time the roles reversed.

When the doctors put her under anesthesia to correct an injury Bella had suffered, Cena made sure he would be the last person to wheel her into the operation room, and he used his opportunity to ask her if she would like to get married someday.

It ended up being John's secret for a year and a half, and Bella didn't remember a word of it. Bella asked Cena what he had asked her during her one moment of total truthfulness, but Cena would never tell her until the "time was right."

It turns out that Sunday night was the perfect time for John to bring it back up again.

Bella said she never would've thought John would propose in front of all those people like that. She referred to WWE as their home together, their passion, and their life. She described John as her prince charming. The WWE star said, "It was perfect."

Cena has said in the past he would never get married, but Bella changed his mind because she is the right person.

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