A Judge Orders Lisa Marie Presley To Pay Her Ex $100,000 Despite Claims Of Bankruptcy

A Judge Orders Lisa Marie Presley To Pay Her Ex $100,000 Despite Claims Of Bankruptcy
Credit: Source: Factsherald.com

A judge didn't buy Presley's story. During her ongoing divorce with her ex-spouse, Michael Lockwood, Presley received a devastating blow from a judge who apparently didn't believe her claims of being in debt.

Judge Patrick Cathcart ordered the singer-songwriter to pay her divorced husband $100,000. The sum of money is meant to cover the cost of his lawyers from their court case in 2016.

The daughter of the legendary Elvis Presley has thirty days to pay him. Moreover, if the initial sum wasn't bad enough, Lisa Marie might have to pay additional lawyer fees for work which has been done up to this case.

However, whether or not Presley will have to pay for that work will be determined in a trial in August of this year.

During the court hearing, E! News had reporters there who claimed she looked "stoic" while wearing sunglasses. While the judge made her decision, neither Lockwood nor Presley attempted to speak to each other.

They didn't acknowledge each other in the hallway either. Celebrity Insider reported last week that Lisa claimed she was $16 million in debt due to divorces and tax bills from the past.

Furthermore, Lisa Marie claimed she owed around $47,800 in credit card debt. Presley revealed the amount due because of the court case which took place in 2016. In 2017, a judge ordered her to pay $50,000 in attorney fees over the course of five months to cover her ex-husband's expenses.

It's tragic that a marriage had to end in such a dramatic fashion. However, not everyone on social media believes her story. One person wrote, "I think she's just claiming bankruptcy to avoid paying her husband."


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