A Judge Denied Future's Request To Have Eliza Reign's Paternity Case Against Him Dropped

A Judge Denied Future's Request To Have Eliza Reign's Paternity Case Against Him Dropped
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You are probably aware of the fact that Future and Eliza Reign have been at each other's throats for a really long time now. The Shade Room is here with some new tea to spill about the subject.

TSR reveals that Bossip online publication got their hands on the court documents and it seems that a judge in Florida refused to grant Future 's wish of dismissing the suit against him.

TSR notes that 'Future apparently tried to get the case dismissed on the claims that Eliza committed “fraud upon the court”, and apparently wanted her to be punished for criminal contempt of court.'

It's been also revealed that Eliza asked the courts to release her from paying fees because she doesn't have enough money and stable employment. Future said that these were all lies and he claimed that she misrepresented her income in the court documents.

'Future says Eliza committed perjury and even wants her to be investigated by the Attorney General as he claims that she definitely works, has bank accounts, and a whole new SUV,' TSR wrote.

Eliza said that she does have bank accounts but there's little money in them.

Someone said: 'So he still hasn’t seen his daughter yet? This doesn’t even make any sense. He has the money so why is he being so difficult! Poor baby...'

Another commenter posted this: 'She and the judge must have something going on ... they gotta be doing something together,' and one follower posted this message: 'She literally only slept with him to have his baby and yall respect this woman💀💀 the bar is LOW.'

One other follower posted this: 'This is beyond sad! You slept with her unprotected bruh! Go be a father to your damn daughter!' and one fan said: 'Nope keep going until it’s finished because she really tried to use him as a meal ticket. He doesn’t want your child.'

A fan wrote: 'It’s easier to just take care of the damn child.'

What's your opinion on these two?

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