A Financial Analyst Reveals The Net Worth Of Richard Simmons Fitness Empire

A Financial Analyst Reveals The Net Worth Of Richard Simmons Fitness Empire
Source: USWeekly.com

Perhaps the fitness icon who started it all, Richard Simmons experienced the kind of success that would ensure his financial stability for the rest of his life. It's not surprising the 68-year-old is spending his days relaxing in his Hollywood Hills mansion.

In recent months, Simmons absence from public life has had fans and fitness enthusiasts worried, especially after his hospitalization. His disappearance has caused quite a stir considering his cheerful and enthusiastic presence he normally has with his fans and clients.

Samuel Rad, a celebrity financial advisor, told E! News that Richard is estimated to have a net worth of at least $15 million. He is reported to have helped people lose over 10 million pounds over the years collectively, which works out to be around $1.5 per pound lost.

When looking at the fitness Guru's net worth including his properties, brand, products, and classes the financial analyst said, "I would realistically estimate his net worth to be somewhere between $15 and $30 million."

Simmons was wildly famous for his Sweating to the Oldies workout videos in the 1980's.

He sold more than 20 million copies according to the New York Daily News. Overall, including his workout tapes, DVDs, audio tapes, and cassettes, the fitness star has sold 65 million copies worldwide.

Simmons also taught fitness classes at his studio in Beverly Hills between 1974 and 2016 when it finally closed down last year.

Despite his celebrity status, he would instruct his clients three sessions per week for a total of $12 per lesson.

Fans have commented on his personality as being cheerful and boisterous even in real life scenarios. He would often give people free classes while traveling around the city.

According to the Missing Richard Simmons podcast, he has sold over $160 million worth of Deal-A-Meal diet plans which accentuate portion and calorie control to distribute carbs, proteins, and fats appropriately.

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