A Brawl Has Broken Out Between DJ's CEO And Goldman's Sachs Executives

A Brawl Has Broken Out Between DJ's CEO And Goldman's Sachs Executives
Credit: pagesix

As Goldman Sachs finds itself in a tight spot, pointing fingers among its top executives have begun and, inevitably, has quickly become vicious.

With profits down, the Wall Street behemoth said this week that it would be laying off workers and eliminating perks like free coffee in the workplace.

Critics in the executive suite claim that CEO David Solomon is emphasizing flamboyant executives with personal brands at the expense of the old-fashioned hard labor of making rich people richer with minimal effort.

Now that the economy is in a tailspin, insiders seem to have a more challenging time appreciating Solomon's DJ career as DJ D-Sol for what it is: an enjoyable hobby.

Meanwhile, there is much grousing about Solomon's preference for rock star bankers like Kim Posnett, who has risen rapidly in recent years and is frequently seen giving talks, attending galas, and giving interviews, even though, ahem, male, ahem, insiders assert that many of her actual deals have fallen flat. However, Charli d'Amelio likely isn't worried just yet because Posnett has only approximately 1,500 Instagram followers despite all her purported personal branding.

The company reportedly earned $2.93 billion in the second quarter, about half as much as the same period a year before, as the New York Times reported. However, earnings dropped by 41% from the previous year in the investment business where Posnett works, albeit this is not solely Posnett's fault.

We'd be remiss if we didn't point out that men make up over 80% of Goldman Sachs' executive team, according to reports. Given that statisticians and experts at the company should be able to deduce that if something goes wrong, it's probably the fault of one of the male employees, fitting?

Some employees complain that Posnett should have been at her desk attempting to improve the company's financial situation in preparation for the layoff announcement last week instead of in a suite at the US Open. Still, Page Six has witnessed a deal or two being made over $15 beers in the intermissions of Arthur Ashe Stadium tennis matches, so let's not rule out a net profit just yet.

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