A Big Phony: Mehgan James Faked Her Relationship With Rob Kardashian

A Big Phony: Mehgan James Faked Her Relationship With Rob Kardashian
Source: E! Online

Fake as hell! Robert Kardashian’s relationship with his 'new' girlfriend, Mehgan James, is nothing but dust in the wind.

Rob Kardashian's latest romance, Mehgan James, was a made up thing, a plan meant to raise her social media fan base. It seems that her 'team' contacted some media outlets and planted the whole love story, without any shame.

Remember when publications stated that Rob and Mehgan were not going publicly yet because they felt their romance was fairly new?

Yep, we guess her 'writers' were hired only for the original story and didn’t plan a sequel. But the reality star’s scheme wasn’t in vain. Mehgan, who appears in the US show Bad Girls Club, saw her Instagram follower count double to 806,000 within a week.

Before the story really broke in the media, Rob tweeted that he’s not dating 'any Megan chick and that he doesn’t even know her.'

To ensure her fans that she’s the one everybody is talking about, James posted on Twitter that although she’s been advised not to say anything, she’s the ' Megan something ' Kim’s brother was referring to. She posted another shortly after, saying: 'I am just as confused as everyone else.'

This fake romance comes at a time when it is crystal clear that Rob and Blac Chyna, the proud parents of a six-months-old girl, Dream, have an on and off switch in their relationship.

Chyna accused Rob of texting other women during their reality show 'Rob And Chyna,' but despite this and other conflicts, just one day before claims of his new 'relationship' broke, Rob posted photos of Chyna on his Instagram, calling her 'My little Angela' and 'the woman I love.'


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