Meghan Markle's Family Secrets Exposed Days Before She Marries Prince Harry

Meghan Markle's Family Secrets Exposed Days Before She Marries Prince Harry
Credit: Source: Daily Telegraph

When Meghan Markle marries Prince Harry this weekend, her family will be making a big adjustment as they move up in the royal ranks. Meghan’s mother, Doria Radlan, and father, Thomas Markle Sr., divorced when she was six years old, and the family has famously fought amongst themselves for years. And now, just days before the wedding, Thomas created some last-minute drama by announcing he will not be walking his daughter down the aisle. It turns out, this is just the latest in a long line of Markle family feuds and faux pas .

Thomas lives a quiet and reclusive life in Mexico, but during the last few days cameras caught him everywhere in London, and we now know why. The former TV lighting director admitted that he staged the photos for personal financial gain, and he also claims that the stress from media attention resulted in him having a heart attack last week.

According to a Radar Online insider, “It’s clear to look at Thomas, he is not used to royal protocols or attending posh events, especially not on the level of a royal wedding.”

Meghan’s dad was supposed to take etiquette lessons before his daughter’s wedding day, so he could learn how to act when he meets the Queen and how to start conversations with the Royals. The training is supposed to make him feel comfortable, so he won’t be confused on how to act.

But, Thomas Sr. says that he is afraid of embarrassing his daughter and has decided not to attend Meghan and Harry’s wedding.

The American actress did not invite her half-brother Thomas Jr or half-sister Samantha Grant to her nuptials because they have both spent years slamming their famous sibling. Thomas Jr. once said that Meghan was a “jaded, shallow, conceited” woman, and Grant is writing a tell-all book titled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.

Thomas Jr. got into some trouble in January of last year when police arrested him for holding a gun to his girlfriend’s head when he was drunk. Prosecutors eventually dropped the charges, and he said that everyone makes mistakes, and that time he made a bad one.

In the meantime, Grant has gone on a rampage against the soon-to-royal and called her a “shallow social climber.”

However, not everyone in Meghan’s family is against her upcoming marriage. Her mom is her best friend and will be showing up to watch her daughter walk down the aisle. And, Thomas Sr.’s first wife Roslyn Markle says she is happy for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and wishes them a blessed, happy life.


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  • Melissa Taylor
    Melissa Taylor Mar 31, 2020 3:49 AM PDT

    Could you imagine being young and newly married , and not be ALOUD to announce anything about your own life? I couldn't. That was part of the magic that is life! I hope these kids go have an awesome life and let go of bad vibes, family is always gonna to be there, true Christian families anyway....wonder how Christian the parents really we shall see....

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