90 Day Fiancé: Elizabeth's Family Says Moldovan Food Is 'Disgusting' And More Shockingly Offensive Things While In Andrei's Country!

90 Day Fiancé: Elizabeth's Family Says Moldovan Food Is 'Disgusting' And More Shockingly Offensive Things While In Andrei's Country!
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In a sneak peek for 90 Day Fiancé : Happily Ever, Elizabeth ’s family goes as far as to slam Moldovan cuisine, calling the traditional food ‘disgusting.’ As you can imagine, the insult did nothing good for her and Andrei, who are already struggling to make things work.

As fans of the reality show probably know, the whole of Elizabeth’s family has traveled to Andrei’s native country of Moldova in order to celebrate their second wedding.

However, it appears that they are not too happy to be there and definitely not in the mood to celebrate anything all things considered.

Elizabeth’s family has been acting like they are purposefully trying to make the worst of their vacation in Moldova, not even trying to enjoy it for her sake.

One of the things they just had to complain about, as shown in the sneak peek, is the local food!

Jenn, who is Elizabeth’s sister, is shown saying that ‘I haven't eaten in like a day and a half. The food so far's just not what I am used to. Can a girl get some eggs and bacon around here, and not like, raw bacon?’

The next scene shows Jenn sitting at a table full of bread, fresh grapes and a lot of other types of food most people from all over the world would totally enjoy eating.

But Jenn looks at it with disgust and says: ‘I feel like I'm gonna lose weight while I'm here, because this food? Like I can't eat any of it.’

Her father, Chuck is quick to agree, making it very clear that he thinks the same about the food.

‘You know, like, when you go to a dinner and you have to say, 'What's that? What's that? What's that? What's that?' That's not good.’

Then, the brother of the family, Charlie, complains as well, dissing Andrei for actually eating the food.

‘Andrei was over here eating that bread with the pork fat on it like it was nothing. Disgusting, dude!’

As if all of that was not offensive enough, Jenn is then shown wondering whether the reason why Moldovan people eat pork fat is that it’s cheap and compares it to eating 'scraps.’

‘You're in a poor country, dude,’ Charlie chimes in with Chuck adding that they are ‘eating peasant food.’

‘I'm sorry, like I'm open to trying stuff, but not some s**t like that,’ Jenn states. Yikes!

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