76 pounds skeleton-thin Angelina Jolie is “past the point of safety”

76 pounds skeleton-thin Angelina Jolie is “past the point of safety”
Source: mirror.co.uk

It looks like poor Angelina Jolie just can’t get a break from the stress-causing divorce and custody battle and it is showing. The Hollywood celebrity has been losing weight for a while and now she is only 76 pounds! That is really dangerous for her health and it doesn’t help at all that she skips meals all the time and resorts to chain-smoking her life away.

According to an insider, “Angie’s not coping at all. Her arms have become so bone-thin, they look like toothpicks! Her weight is plummeting.”

Furthermore, specialist Dr. Stuart Fischer, warned that "She’s gone past the point of safety!”

Insiders claim that her eating issues started around the time she decided to file a divorce from Brad Pitt, in September, and since then it just got worse and worse.

Of course, her inability to take care of her own health will play a huge role in Brad Pitt winning the custody of their six children and she knows it. That knowledge gives her even more anxiety and it leads to a vicious cycle.

Things seem to go Pitt’s way already, considering the child abuse allegations have been settled. Besides, California law favors joint custody, which is what Brad wants as well, while Jolie would like sole custody of the kids.

Pitt felt like addressing his fans after he was cleared of the abuse accusations, saying:

“It’s really sweet; everyone has been really kind out there. It’s really nice to have all the support.”

The actor has lost around 20 pounds as well, ever since the custody battle started, but Angelina’s state is much worse. “Angelina’s tearing her hair out over this latest development,” said a source, who stated that the actress is barely even eating.

“The fear is that she’ll end up in the hospital on a feeding tube!”

“Angie was furious when she was informed that authorities determined that Brad did not commit child abuse during an altercation with their son Maddox on a private jet. I think she expected them to throw the book at him!”

Dr. Gabe Mirkin, warned: “If she keeps losing weight, she’s going to go into heart failure.”


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  • Cynthia Scully
    Cynthia Scully Nov 30, 2016 12:02 PM PST

    I think she's having a nervous breakdown.

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