72 Female MPs In British Parliament Show Support For Better Media Coverage Of Meghan Markle

72 Female MPs In British Parliament Show Support For Better Media Coverage Of Meghan Markle
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According to a report from the Los Angeles Times, Meghan Markle recently got some support from female members of the British Parliament, in fact, she was supported by 72 of them. Reportedly, the British royal family member is looking to receive more positive reporting on her in the media.

MP Holly Lynch, an MP for the Labor Party, tweeted on Tuesday that female MPs of all the political parties were able to put aside their differences to "stand in solidarity" with the Duchess of Sussex. They wrote her an open letter.

The two-page document referred to several stories and headlines which supposedly infringed on her right to privacy. The letter stated that the national media was supposed to know the difference between reporting on a legitimate issue, versus tearing down a woman just for the views.

As it was previously reported, Markle, who married Prince Harry last year in May of 2018, became the subject of media scrutiny from the British press following her marriage to the royal family member. Articles written about the former actress criticized various aspects of her life.

Harry wrote in a press statement near the beginning of October that there was a "human cost" to vicious propaganda, especially in the case when many of the allegations made are either grossly exaggerated or downright falsehoods.

Reportedly, The Daily Mail is facing off against lawsuit with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry after Meghan sent a letter to her father. Furthermore, Harry filed a lawsuit against The Sun as well as The Daily Mirror for "alleged hacking."

This comes after a report from Fox News that claimed that Princess Diana's former butler is worried history may repeat itself in the case of Meghan Markle. As followers of celebrity culture know, Princess Diana died in a tragic car crash back in 1997 after she was being chased by paparazzi.

In Harry's statement, he made reference to the death of his mother, also adding that he was worried the treatment of his wife would cause irreparable harm to Meghan's life.

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