50 Cent's Girlfriend, Cuban Link, Is Dragged For Making This Comment After He Shared These Photos With His Son

50 Cent's Girlfriend, Cuban Link, Is Dragged For Making This Comment After He Shared These Photos With His Son
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While 50 Cent is famous for trolling on Instagram; on Easter, he was a proud father who was smiling from ear to ear while cooking and egg hunting with his young son, Sire Jackson, whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend, Daphne Jo.

50 Cent, who recently made headlines by throwing his oldest son, Marquise Jackson, under the bus by saying he would prefer to have Tekashi 6ix9ine as his child, looked like the perfect dad when he was spending time with Sir.

The Power star captioned the sweet photos: "This guy is so much fun 😆he be saying some sh*t. he told me he saw my show ForLife I asked if he liked it, he said it was cool but if you practice you could do better. 😆#abcforlife #Starz #BMF"

50 Cent'sgirlfriend, Cuban Link, posted this sweet comment underneath the photos: ".. he is so stinking cute ❤️❤️🐣." Cuban Link was dragged for countless reasons.

One critic said: "Are you ready to be a stepmother by dating a womanizing man half your age?"

A defender wrote: "Epic Failure on an attempt to be negative. First, let us correct your statement- @50cent is not half her age, but we get the shade that you were attempting to throw. Next time keep the negativity to yourself; it doesn’t work for you. 💯 It cost $0.00 to mind your own business, you know. You don't have to tell all of us you have no sense left! 😐😐"

This backer stated: "It’s a shame there are still people like you in 2020. Not everyone wants to remain lonely and heartbroken like you. I’m sorry.... as you can see, she’s happy and supportive, unlike some of all of you... I pray for you. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ ..50 wants a little girl all of you should get to tryin😂💙Now that would be a beautiful child! Lol🤣

This commenter had this question: "serious question, how can you be with someone who doesn’t even claim his other child?"

This social media user said: "You can’t force a child to be with his father cause the mother messed up his head up she wrong all around the broad. He and his first son don’t have a good relationship that boy is grown! They’ll make it right whenever they decide to do so! It’s not about defending a celebrity because what all of you fail to realize is that they go through the same struggles as ordinary people. Everyone knows 50 attitude and his feelings toward his son because he makes it very clear. There’s a difference between not f*cking w you kid (who is grown) and being a deadbeat."

This fan had the following reaction: "How is he not a deadbeat? He hasn't been in his oldest son's life since he was a child. He just publicly shamed him on video two days ago. I guess you missed that one. Stop defending deadbeat celebrities because if it were your son or a friend's son being treated that way, your tone would change."

It is clear that 50 has a softer side with Sire.

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