50 Cent Throws More Insults At His Son, Marquise Jackson, And He Hits Back With A Video

50 Cent Throws More Insults At His Son, Marquise Jackson, And He Hits Back With A Video
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Another day, another bizarre feud between 50 Cent and his oldest son, Marquise Jackson. This time around, 50 Cent went as far as telling the world that he has disowned Marquise.

It all started after the 21-year-old man took to social media where he shared a video of him attending 50's concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn alongside Cam’ron, The Lox, Fabolous, DMX, T.I., Snoop Dogg, Das EFX, Junior Reid, and M.O.P.

In the clip, Marquise is laughing and singing along "I Get Money" and "Magic Stick."

Many bashed the rapper for being a terrible father who failed to have his own son at his show: "Negro why you didn't give your own son backstage passes he in the crowd like regular people smfh."

50 was quick to respond by saying: "I got a blood test that's not my kid f*ck outta here."

The nasty back and forth continued with a video posted by Marquise showing Maury Povich. The talk-show host known for settling paternity disputes and saying the famous line "you are the father."

One person reacted to the drama by bashing the Power star: "If this was a woman doing this to her child she would be dragged to filth... meanwhile this clown is publicly emotionally and mentally damaging this young man aka HIS SON and still gets praised."

This Instagram user shared: "Smfh 50’s behavior is absolutely deplorable, disgusting, and pathetic. I’ve lost all respect for him after seeing how he treats his own son. That’s boy has his entire face ... 50 you might think you’re untouchable now, but at any time God will fix your business. Sickening. Let’s all pray for this young man, send him encouragement and love. ❤️"

A few people are blasting Marquise's petty behavior: "Your bitter mother manipulated you and destroyed the loving relationship you had with your dad. You can never get that time back, and it will never be the same. Your bitter cries for help should be directed at her. She did not do right by you. Smh."

Another backer of 50 claimed: "First of all, @50cent was JOKING when he made that statement. Do all of you actually THINK he would’ve PAID all that CHILD SUPPORT??? Lmaoooooooo he got the DNA he know that’s HIS SON!!!!! And I can’t say NOTHING BAD about 50 cent cause he is always greeting me when I bump into him 😩😂 you wouldn’t even think the Instagram 50 and the real life 50 are the same people. 🤦🏻‍♀️"

Those ywo have quite a bit in common.

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  • Jeanne
    Jeanne Jul 1, 2019 6:51 AM PDT

    I love 50 Cent and this statement comes from love it is very sad 😥 to see the relationship that you and your son have, all he wants is your love he is crying out for your love the love a father is suppose to show to all of his children your tge adult with much respect to you 50 please fix your relationship with your son he is one of your gifts from Jehovah.

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