50 Cent Teases 'Power' Fans With Major Reveal -- Is This The Person Who Shot James 'Ghost' St. Patrick?

50 Cent Teases 'Power' Fans With Major Reveal -- Is This The Person Who Shot James 'Ghost' St. Patrick?
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All fans of Power likely have the exact same question on their minds ever since the show's midseason finale aired -- who is behind the shooting of Ghost?

There has been no shortage of theories going around, and some fans have gathered at online forums to discuss the situation in detail, looking at all possible angles.

Some say it was Tasha, others think it was Tommy, a few blamed Tariq, and some fans say Kanan is not dead and he came back to finish Ghost. Or maybe it was Romona who pulled the trigger.

And while it seems like there was no consensus on the horizon, 50 Cent has decided to chime in with his own teasers that have stirred up the situation even more.

The latest teaser released by the rapper seems to imply that he was going to reveal precisely who it was that shot James St. Patrick -- but of course, it may very well be that the teaser was done this way on purpose to serve as a red herring.

Councilman Rashad Tate could be seen ranting about Ghost and promising to get rid of him for good, which many saw as an implication that he was, in fact, the one behind the shooting.

In the clip, Tate said: "I'm not about to lose my career because of James St. Patrick. He scorched the earth with me. I'm gonna get rid of him once and for all."

However, in the end, it is entirely possible that 50 Cent did this on purpose to mess with people.

One fan had this reaction: "I feel like it can be governor Tate because Ghost has betrayed him from time to time and making him lose all trust and even tho ghost did try to help him in the beginning, but business partners can turn their backs on each other just like ghost and Tommy turned their backs for the game."

It would not be the first time the rapper had gone out of his way to troll his fans, and he is actually known for this kind of behavior for quite a while.

It is interesting to think about the possible implications of the recent teaser, but for now, fans are just going to have to be patient and wait for the next episode to roll around to find out more.

Who do you think shot Ghost? Do you think James "Ghost" St. Patrick is dead? Will you miss Power when it ends in 2020?

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  • Mary Johnson
    Mary Johnson Nov 17, 2019 5:43 AM PST

    I believe ghost will die. He got shot in the heart just like Angela did. That's a death sentence. If he does appear in the final episodes I believe it will be scenes from previous episodes with the suspects and/or scenes we didn't see leading up to conflicts with the suspects. I believe that Tyreke shot ghost. Tyreke didn't want to go to jail. Ghost promised Tyreke he would take the heat and is hurt that ghost lied to him. Ghost told Tyreke that he shot breeze because breeze got in his way of what his goals were. Tyreke went to see ghost one last time to see if ghost would change his mind like ghost did with breeze before ghost killed him. When ghost didn't change his, that is what led Tyreke to shoot ghost. Tasha I believe was on her way to truth to try to either stop Tyreke or kill ghost herself.

  • DeAndre Ross
    DeAndre Ross Nov 16, 2019 11:27 AM PST

    I believe it was Tasha new boyfriend...

  • Gail Woodie-Allen
    Gail Woodie-Allen Nov 16, 2019 10:19 AM PST

    Nobody shot Jamie, aka James St. Patrick, aka Ghost!! 1) we saw everybody coming for him... The club was locked & shut down; 2) you can't kill a ghost!🤷

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