50 Cent Slams 'Stupid' Ja Rule And Accuses Him Of Fishing ‘For Attention’ After Challenging Him To A Battle!

50 Cent Slams 'Stupid' Ja Rule And Accuses Him Of Fishing ‘For Attention’ After Challenging Him To A Battle!
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As soon as Ja Rule challenged his old rival, 50 Cent to a song battle, fans got really excited, hoping to see it take place! However, the latter has now responded and he’s treating this as he does everything and everyone – by trolling!

50 mocked the other rapper and called him ‘stupid’ for suggesting something like that, even accusing him of doing it just to get attention!

In other words, 50 just shut down all the fans’ hopes of seeing such a battle happen between them with two posts on his IG account.

One of them featured a clip of 50 Cent in a convertible, driving away and laughing.

The caption read: ‘Who wants to battle?’

As for the second post, it was a photoshopped pic of his rival holding a cardboard sign reading: ‘I will battle 50 Cent for attention’

In the captions he simply wrote ‘Stupid,’ as well as a ‘#FyreFestival’ which, although was actually misspelled, was meant to simply mock Ja Rule for being involved in the failed event.

It’s no secret that the two men have been at odds for no less than two decades.

As for what 50 was responding to with his shady posts, it was Ja Rule’s appearance via speakerphone on Fat Joe and Swizz Beatz’s Instagram Live a couple of days ago when he challenged the other to a song battle online while in quarantine.

It was Fat Joe who asked about a confrontation with 50 however, and Ja responded that: ‘I want all the smoke, but I’ll behave.’

Swizz then noted that the ‘behave’ part sounded rather ‘devilish.’

Regardless, fans were quick to take to their respective platforms as well as the comment section, of course, to express just how much they were looking forward to something like that.

At the same time, many argued that it would never happen, especially because 50 would refuse to take Ja on it and it looks like they were right!

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