50 Cent Slams DJ Clue For Failing To Debut Pop Smoke’s New Song On His Popular Show!

50 Cent Slams DJ Clue For Failing To Debut Pop Smoke’s New Song On His Popular Show!
Credit: Source: theblast.com

50 Cent is once again feuding with someone on social media! The rapper called out DJ Clue for not playing Pop Smoke ’s new song!

As far as 50 is concerned, the NYC legendary producer is in ‘his feelings’ which is why he’s been snubbing the late rapper.

Just like always, 50 Cent did not hesitate to drag the other man in a swear-filled rant he posted on his IG account.

‘This fool @djclue got in his feelings, and said he not playing POP Smoke new joint because he didn’t get the record first. F**k YOU CLUE, you don’t mean s**t!’ 50 raged.

His angry rant was shared earlier today, which is also the day Pop Smoke’s posthumous album dropped.

As fans know, 50 is actually closely connected to Pop Smoke’s project since he worked with him as a mentor.

Sadly, the rising star lost his life at the age of only 20 after a fatal shooting back in February but 50 Cent made sure that his debut album titled Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon would still be released posthumously so it makes sense that he was so attached to the project.

Furthermore, another reason why it makes sense that 50 was so upset about the apparent snub is that DJ Clue is known for usually being the first to debut new songs in the hip-hop scene on his Power 105.1 Desert Storm Radio, which is a very popular show.

And so, 50, who is known for his online drama with a lot of people, added him to his list of targets.

In his rant, he also went on to praise DJ Funk Flex, who is a nemesis of DJ Clue.

DJ Funk Flex was in fact the one to premiere Pop Smoke’s The Woo feat. 50 and Roddy Rich so he got all of 50’s respect and appreciation.

His rant continued: ‘@funkflex been kicking you’re a** up and down the street for years you little r—–. I done sold 30 million records you think i give a f— if you play my music is you stupid, is you dumb n—-? I think you should get punched in the face, i don’t know why, but i’m almost sure yo a– getting punched in the face. Nothing crazy just a lower case L You know the vibes n—-.’


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