50 Cent Shows Fans How To Treat A Woman To A Proper Dinner Date - At McDonalds

50 Cent Shows Fans How To Treat A Woman To A Proper Dinner Date - At McDonalds
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50 Cent is a hopeless romantic. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on an Instagram post today in which he was joking around with his girlfriend, Cuban Link . The rapper started off his post with the declaration that he knows how to romance a woman.

50 Cent, in a new video, joked that he had to teach "n*ggas how to be romantic," and he did it by taking his girlfriend to McDonald's. After claiming she could get whatever she wanted, 50 Cent pointed the camera to the notorious restaurant.

He joked, "what you want here at Mickey D's!" When he pointed his phone over at Cuban Link, it showed her laughing and also looking somewhat embarrassed. Fans of the rapper know it's been a busy week for him already, considering he just dropped the premiere date of Power Book II: Ghost.

50 Cent revealed the trailer for it, and he has been doing press lately as well. Furthermore, Curtis Jackson -aka, 50 Cent - also just got finished working on the posthumous Pop Smoke record. Recently, Curtis said on his IG that he wasn't happy with the way the rapper's team handled the release.

He claimed he wasn't going to be involved moving forward with any projects related to Pop Smoke. 50 claims he'll likely get it to number 1, and that's as far as he's willing to go.

As it was previously reported, 50 Cent was the executive producer of the posthumous record from the late Pop Smoke, who was shot and killed near the start of 2020. Pop Smoke died when he was just 20-years-old.

Earlier this week, Quavo, from Migos, did an interview in which he promoted the new record. Reportedly, Quavo appeared on the new album three different times, which was more than any other artist.

The Migos member said during a new interview that he had Pop Smoke were great friends, and he always gave him a lot of advice. The rapper said Pop Smoke wanted to fly in private jets right away, however, Quavo argued it was crucial to take it one step at a time.

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