50 Cent Shouts Out To Kim Kardashian For Her Response To Kanye's 'Bug-Out'

50 Cent Shouts Out To Kim Kardashian For Her Response To Kanye's 'Bug-Out'
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Followers of the news media know Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been all over the headlines ever since Kanye unleashed his twitter rant regarding his wife and his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner.

In many ways, July was Kanye's month to shine. The rapper announced he was going to run for the presidency this year, drop a new record, and also start working with the clothing company, Gap, on a new Yeezy project.

However, after Kanye took to his Twitter to put his immediate family members on blast, his wife responded with an official statement on her social media in which she said her husband was going through a lot at the moment.

In fact, Kim was hailed by fans for appearing to be so understanding during what fans believe is a vulnerable time for the performing artist. One person who appears impressed is 50 Cent, who said Kim was remaining really calm while Kanye is "bugged out."

This, of course, comes after Kanye also said he wanted to get a divorce from Kim Kardashian for the last two years due to allegation of cheating, however, Kanye never actually said the word directly, he merely insinuated it. 

Kanye said on his Twitter account that his wife, Kim, and Meek Mill, met up for an event on prison reform back in 2018. But it was Kim's statement that prompted 50 Cent's comments.

Check out what 50 Cent had to say below:

Thus far, it's unclear what Kanye is going to come out with next, but there's no doubt his fans and friends are worried about him. In fact, Dave Chappelle went out to Wyoming earlier this week to visit with him, as did Dame Dash.

On his account, Dame Dash posted a photo in which he and the Ye  rapper were standing next to each other. He captioned it with the message, "We good." Fans of the pair know they have a long history in the music business together.


Interestingly, another one of Kanye's good friends, Jay-Z, hasn't said much about the rapper's recent fiasco.

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