50 Cent Shares A Photo While In A Gender-Neutral Bathroom And Causes Major Drama And Debate

50 Cent Shares A Photo While In A Gender-Neutral Bathroom And Causes Major Drama And Debate
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It is happening again, 50 Cent has decided to raise eyebrows with the latest photo he shared on Instagram.

The Power actor took to social media, and he posted a picture where is standing in a gender-neutral bathroom.

50 Cent, who is dressed in a black and white striped sweater, seems a bit puzzled upon realizing that the times are changing.

The music mogul had this to say about his experience stepping into a gender-neutral bathroom for the first time: "What! I almost couldn’t find a restroom 🤷🏽‍♂️sh*t is changing. LOL #abcforlife #starzgettheapp"

Many of the New York rapper's fans stepped in the comment section to share their thought on the matter.

One person said: "Soooo, I don’t go in the bathroom with my daddy and brothers why I gotta share a bathroom with someone else’s. Using the bathroom is not political. If you need a urinal to go in the men’s bathroom. If you are dressed as a woman and can close the stall door behind you, go in the women’s. What is so difficult. I’ve run in the men’s restroom before if the women were broken, and it was not a pleasant experience. Smelled like a pissy elevator, and I am sure they don’t want to go in ours either. I mean, this ish is Xtra. Everything is not me too."

This backer replied: "Exactly! Everyone is trying too damn hard to be politically correct, and appease everybody. Pleasing everyone is just not possible, so keep it simple!!"

Another follower explained: "Everyone is all for this until a black man walks in while a white woman is in there. Y’all know how dangerous that is? She screams rape, then what? Depending on what state you live in, you might be locked up for a long time before being proven innocent. I have a daughter, and the last thing I want is my daughter going to the bathroom, and it is some perverted grown man in there also. Smh."

This social media user stated: "It’s a jungle out here lions identifying as bears, tigers identifying as panthers, elephants they wanna be camels😍 , and I identify as a 23-year-old wealthy heiress."

A fifth comment read: "Why they couldn't have these when we were in high school cause I'm trying told you."

50 Cent always stays true to his beliefs.

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