50 Cent Shames Floyd Mayweather For His Expensive Taste In Clothes After Boxer Posted This Picture -- Some Call 'Power' Star A Bully

50 Cent Shames Floyd Mayweather For His Expensive Taste In Clothes After Boxer Posted This Picture -- Some Call 'Power' Star A Bully
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50 Cent is a known troll in the entertainment and celebrity world, and he has not been shy about his reputation in this regard either, always making many comments about people around him.

His Instagram account is a famous brewing spot for posts like these, and it is not rare that the rapper shares the occasional burn for another star.

Recently, 50 Cent seems to have his sights set on Floyd Mayweather, more specifically his choice of clothing. 50 was quick to point out that Mayweather looked ridiculous in his eyes, and told him that he looked like a grandmother in one comment.

The Power actor Photoshopped an older woman's face on Floyd's body and captioned the ridiculous image: "Champ on his bullsh*t again, dats that granny drip LOL."

It is no secret that Floyd likes to splurge on expensive clothing, and this is not the first time fans have seen him wearing something extravagant, and it looks like 50 Cent has had a few things on his mind regarding that for some time too.

Still, others were more supportive of Floyd and his choice of attire, noting that he looked chic in his Louis Vuitton coat and that he wore it quite well.

50 Cent still managed to stir up a bit of controversy over the situation, though, and he has successfully drawn a lot of ridicule towards the legendary boxer with just a few simple comments.

One person said this: "I hope 50 don’t see this, go change quick!man looking like he boutta orchestrate a choir. I think those jeans are a bit too tight for you 👀One of the saddest outfits IV ever seen."

Another commenter stated: "Clean rich worldwide and never lost 😂 you’re a legend, and I love you, brother. How you follow someone to hate them? You gotta be a failure in life to do that."

A third follower explained: "If you jealous or offended by another person's success, you should be taking notes instead of hating. 💯📠🔥"

Some have pointed out that even if the rapper is doing this just for fun, he still has a lot of pull with his fans, and he should use his words wisely if he does not want to upset some of his fellow celebrities by behaving like a bully.

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