50 Cent Says He 'Needs A Drink' After Hearing About Joe Biden's COVID-19 Plan

50 Cent Says He 'Needs A Drink' After Hearing About Joe Biden's COVID-19 Plan
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50 Cent has proven to be a controversial figure on a number of fronts over the last few years, not only for his social media trolling but also for his comments on the political situation in the United States of America.

Hot New Hip Hop picked up on comments from the rapper in which he questioned Joe Biden 's plan to implement yet another 6-week nationwide lockdown to quell the spread of the coronavirus. Currently, the world is experiencing another surge in cases.


Joe Biden's administration announced they were going to shut down the economy once again once he takes office to avoid spreading the coronavirus, but the economic impact of yet another quarantine lockdown would likely be enormous.

Obviously, 50 Cent is just another person who is concerned about the economic impact of a lockdown. Of course, this all comes after 50 Cent also endorsed president Donald Trump approximately one week before the election.

As it was previously reported, 50 Cent, after hearing about Kamala Harris and Joe Biden's massive tax hike on American citizens earning over $400,000, suggested on his Instagram that the tax hike was ridiculous and he was going to move out of the United States if the reported tax hike was put into practice.

50 Cent subsequently came under fire by other entertainment industry figures, including Chelsea Handler , who said she had to remind 50 Cent "that he was black." Handler later apologized for what she had said and admitted she had crossed a line.

Fast-forward to today, and 50 Cent has said he would need a "drink" if there were to be yet another 6-week lockdown. "I need a drink, wtf," the rapper wrote on his account. Clearly, 50 Cent isn't happy about the proposal.


50 Cent isn't the only rapper who has come under fire for his comments related to the presidency. Ice Cube was blasted by many people on social media after it was revealed that he had begun working on a new plan for black Americans which would see funds injected into the black communities.

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