50 Cent Says '3 Nice Things' About His Nemesis Wendy Williams After She Compliments Him But The Struggle Is Real!

50 Cent Says '3 Nice Things' About His Nemesis Wendy Williams After She Compliments Him But The Struggle Is Real!
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The bad blood between Wendy Williams and 50 Cent is no secret to anyone at this point but she was still able to compliment the rapper. The same thing cannot be said about 50 who really struggled with that challenge.

Knowing that he does not like the talk show host at all, The Talk ladies thought it would be fun to just put the man on the spot, asking him to say three nice things about Wendy.

Host Carrie Ann Inaba wondered: ‘Since she said three nice things about you, can you say three nice things about Wendy?’

50 Cent immediately felt cornered, jokingly saying: ‘I thought this was The Talk — I’m being set up!’

Still, while in the past, he would not have been caught dead saying positive things about Wendy, it sounds like her compliments got to him.

That being said, he admitted he admires her success.

‘She’s extremely successful. Her show’s been on for a long time. She’s been able to survive — if you have a long enough career, you’re going to have some peaks and valleys in it — and she’s been able to survive some of the tougher parts.’

Indeed, Wendy Williams’ talk show is going into its tenth season which is pretty impressive since the industry is very competitive, a lot of shows getting canceled after only a year or two on air.

The rapper went on: ‘If you can develop a personal life, that’s where the most confusion will come from in the public eye, and she’s been able to get past that and continue to work.’

He was most likely talking about Wendy’s divorce from her husband, Kevin Hunter after more than two decades of marriage.

However, the man struggled to think of a third compliment.

Carrie Ann wondered: ‘Is there one more?’ to which 50 argued that ‘This is a lot for me!’

But Host Sheryl Underwood insisted, encouraging him to really think about it: ‘You got in you! Dig deep, dig deep. She said you were really, really talented [on WWHL], so that’s a good thing about her to you.’

It looks like this finally gave him an idea, complimenting himself in the end instead by saying that ‘She can identify good talent.’

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