50 Cent Reminds People Not To ‘Sit Home’ And ‘Get Fat’ During Coronavirus Quarantine!

50 Cent Reminds People Not To ‘Sit Home’ And ‘Get Fat’ During Coronavirus Quarantine!
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The outspoken rapper did not hesitate to call out his followers just in case they might get lazy while in self-quarantine and stop working out. 50 Cent wishes that people won’t choose to press pause on physical exercise even while stuck inside their houses.

As far as he is concerned, practicing social distancing should not also mean distancing oneself from regular workouts!

The man stressed that if that was the case, people might end up gaining a lot of weight in quarantine and look ‘worse’ at the end of it compared to the start!

Could this be yet another danger Coronavirus COVID-19 poses? 50 certainly thinks so!

During WSJ. Magazine’s Mar. 23 edition of what is known as My Monday Morning, the rapper said that ‘This is day five, right here,’ before going on to share his worries about people forgetting to move while in quarantine or rather using it as an excuse not to work out and eat healthy.

‘I feel there's no safer options out here. There is not much. I guess when I want to go to the gym I will go to a track and I will just run outside. Still, you know what they say,- [to] keep your social distance. But a lot of people aren't making adjustments, so they are just going to sit home, and they are going to get fat. They will get fat,’ he stated.

When asked if 50 was concerned about the outbreak, the rapper shared: ‘The news is all corona. It’s all coronavirus. People do not hear alarms, they only see the fires. A lot of them on South Beach, when they go out they are only thinking about, ‘It's spring break, my time to have fun,’ instead of considering what is really going on right now. Go home so you can actually have another spring break at some point!’

He went on to stress even more that they should go home if they didn’t want to lose their lives but acknowledged that people in New York never stop the partying no matter what and so they are putting themselves and others in danger.

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