50 Cent Reignites His Feud With Lala Kent And Accuses The 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Of Using Drugs

50 Cent Reignites His Feud With Lala Kent And Accuses The 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Of Using Drugs
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Rapper 50 Cent has just reignited his feud with Vanderpump Rules star Lala Kent, and this time around he is accusing the 29-year-old of using cocaine. After Kent appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen and said she had “receipts” from their feud earlier this year, 50 clapped back with a series of social media posts where he not only accused Kent of drug use, but he went after Kent and her fiance Randall Emmett’s looks.

Back in the spring, Kent and Emmett got into a beef with 50 Cent after the rapper claimed the movie producer owed him $1 million. Emmet did pay 50 back and everything appeared to calm down between the three until Kent’s appearance on WWHL .

When a caller asked Kent about what went down with 50, she said that during the conflict she “dinged” 50’s ego, and she had the receipt to prove it, and then added that she would never post it.

“I ain’t beefin unless I get paid on Vanderpump, yo,” said Kent.

After Kent’s comment, 50 posted a photo of Kent from the WWHL set during a previous appearance when she came clean about her problems with alcohol. In the caption he wrote, “Oh this b*tch be drunk 4 days straight. She must be on some drunk hoe, I don’t remember type sh*t.”

He then accused Kent of using cocaine.

"Have a drink, hit da powda, have a drink, hit da powda have a drink hit da powda 4 days straight," he wrote.

50 Cent was far from finished after making that claim. The rapper then posted a video clip from VPR where Kent described how she met Emmett. And, in the caption of that post, he talked about how the couple now lives “drunk and high happily ever after.”

There was also a post that featured a pic of the couple in bed together, with 50 once again saying Kent was “drunk and high.” And, in the caption of another pic of the couple, he made fun of Emmett’s neck and Kent’s hair.

After 50's social media rant, Kent replied on Instagram saying she was only going to address this situation once, and then she denied that she has ever used cocaine or any other substances. Kent said that her sobriety is something that she is proud of and works hard on every day.

Kent says that she is open and honest about her life and can hopefully inspire others and let them know they are not alone. She added that despite the slams, she is keeping her head up because she knows the difference between real life and the illusion of social media.

“I know what It feels like to have your world crumble. Getting a phone call from your brother saying your dad has passed away… that is earth-shattering. Being called named and being falsely accused of thing… that is far from earth-shattering. My mindset is something I’m grateful for,” wrote Kent.

She finished up by writing that people take their own lives every day because of cyberbullying, and she must tell her fans that they are not by themselves and she sees them and stands by them.

In response to Lala Kent’s post, 50 Cent posted a pic of her and Emmet and wrote: “Good morning drunk face.”

New episodes of Vanderpump Rules will return to Bravo later this year.


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