50 Cent Reacts Following Harvey Weinstein's Sentence

50 Cent Reacts Following Harvey Weinstein's Sentence
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Following Harvey Weinstein's sentencing, a lot of celebrities shared their thoughts and feelings and took to social media to celebrate the decision. The man will spend 23 years behind bars for the rape accusations that have been brought against him.

50 Cent also made sure to share a few words after the news was out a few days ago, and he chose Twitter to do this.

You can check out the message that 50 shared on his social media account below.

Someone shaded Oprah and said: 'Will there be a Harvey Weinstein documentary coming from Oprah,' while another commenter said: 'Wonder if Oprah will speak about his best friend soon? Maybe interview his victims?'

One commenter had the following opinion: 'I understand his actions were totally wrong but we should never celebrate when great men fall. As there is no man without bad deeds. We should only pray for them so God can turn their life around.'

Someone else posted this: 'Just don’t rape people, it’s not that hard.'

A former fan of 50 Cent said: 'These women were victims to sexual assault I'm over the toxic masculinity you and many others in the industry push I'm good no longer a fan.'

A few days ago, it's been revealed that Reese Witherspoon also had a few words to share following the sentence.

She called the sentencing a ‘historical moment’ and could not help but celebrate it.

On the day of the sentencing, Reese tweeted: ‘A historical moment today. I’m so appreciative of all the women and the men who spoke about the abuse and harassment that they’d suffered at the hands of Harvey Weinstein. It gives me renewed hope in the U.S. justice system that due process works, the survivors will be believed, and justice be served.’

Other than this, 50 Cent also made headlines just the other day when he was trying to make his fans and followers laugh just like always. He shared a post that jokingly claims that the cure for COVID-19 is out .

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