50 Cent Mourns After Nipsey Hussle In His Own Way, Even If Haters Bash Him - Watch His Video

50 Cent Mourns After Nipsey Hussle In His Own Way, Even If Haters Bash Him - Watch His Video
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The entire community is in pain these days after the loss of Nipsey Hussle. 50 Cent is another celebrity who made sure to send his kind words to the family of the late rapper.

But it seems that JaRule is not here for 50’s message at all . Also, people started bashing him in the comments section for posting a photo of himself and also for writing ‘lost’ instead of ‘loss.’

The message he posted was the following:

Anyway, now he's back and he's trying once again to express how he feels about the tragedy that happened.

'Man I really liked Nipsey, it’s harder for me to express it. Whenever I get quiet it’s because I don’t understand. R.I.P #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac,' he posted.

This time, people were kinder to him and respected his words.

A follower reminded people that 50 Cent also got shot: 'Y’all do realize that 50’s been shot before. And PTSD could be his reason for not allowing himself to get too consumed by a shooting death. Just another way to see it.'

Someone else said 'It’s crazy to me how many people think just because somebody doesn’t run directly to social media the moment something happens .. that it’s not happening, or somebody doesn’t care or they’re not goin thru it .. 💔🙏🏼'

A follower posted 'Respect champ! You expressed it when you were comfortable. That’s all that matters 🙏🏾'

Another supporter said that 'He nor anyone else should have to explain the way they deal with things. Clearly, we know 50 is a different type of individual, you can't assume he would suddenly be like a lot of other ppl. Y'all ask for too much, yet know so little.'

One fan said that they respect him: 'I respect him even admitting it’s hard to express... it’s hard for most men to express their emotion!'

What do you think about 50 Cent's message?

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