50 Cent Makes Late Pop Smoke's Fans Happy With This Announcement

50 Cent Makes Late Pop Smoke's Fans Happy With This Announcement
Credit: Hot New Hip Hop

As you probably know by now, rapper Pop Smoke was a 20-year-old recording artist and he got murdered in a home invasion not too long ago. It's been also revealed that he canceled a show in Brooklyn, New York,  just a few days before he was shot dead in a rented home.

Now, 50 Cent just made an announcement on her social media account that will make the late rapper's fans really happy.

'I’m on the move listening to Pop Smoke, I decided I’m gonna executive produce and finish his album for him.#abcforlife #starzgettheapp #lecheminduroi #bransoncognac,' 50 Cent captioned his post.

Someone told 50 'I hope you get your flowers while you are still here, man. You’ve been out here, my guy.'

Another follower praised 50 Cent for doing this and said: 'You are the best for doing this.'

Someone else said: 'That’s what big brothers do ❤️ finish what was started! NYC LOVE.'

A commenter posted this: 'This is awesome!! Make sure that Spanish track I heard a snippet of is on there...Represent his proud Panamanian heritage! Much respect 50! 🙏🏽🙌🏽'

One commenter said that the news only presents the bad side of 50 Cent and his feuds: 'This is the side the news doesn’t show about him but when someone gets slapped for getting out of place guess who the topic and being blamed.'

Of course, there had to be someone who shades 50 Cent, no matter what he does and this commenter said: 'I hate when ppl do shit for others when they die...why didn't you think of that when he was alive. Why now that he is gone. To benefit who? You or him. Do things for your friends and loved ones while they are alive. ❤️'

50 Cent was recently in the spotlight after his girlfriend shaded him.

Jamira Heines aka Cuban Link, was not thrilled about the gift she received from the TV producer for this year’s Valentine’s Day, and she voiced her disappointment online .

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