50 Cent Is Taking Teairra Mari To Court To Collect The Money She Owes Him

50 Cent Is Taking Teairra Mari To Court To Collect The Money She Owes Him
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You're probably aware of the fact that Teairra Mari and 50 Cent have been beefing for quite a while. If you have not been following their online feud and don’t know what’s this all about, or simply did not care enough so far, 50 Cent and Teairra Mari’s legal battle is over, and the woman has to pay him $30k.

50 Cent has been dragging her on social media with every occasion he got, and now, for a while, Mari decided it’s payback time.

She made sure to troll the man herself, saying that she will not pay him back, simply because she does not have the money.

It seems that this infuriated 50 Cent because his latest move is a more serious one. The Shade Room brings the news details so check out their post below.

People are divided on this one, and their opinions vary. Some of them are saying that Mari should pay up, others slam 50 Cent for disrespecting the woman.

A follower said 'the pics and video were already leaked. She just thought she could come up like Rick Ross baby moms,' while someone else noted that 'She took him to court and loss...pay up now.'

One commenter slammed 50 Cent and said that 'He a heaux for even wanting money from a person who clearly doesn’t have it like that. Clout chasing azz bihhh.'

A person wrote 'I want 50 to get into some serious community restoration he always seems bored to me he needs a productive hobby.'

Someone else pointed out the fact that 'He is probably spending $30k in attorney's fees just to collect $30k from her. He is such a bully just like Donald Trump! Very disrespectful calling her out of her name.'

Another person shades Mari and says that 'She should’ve known the facts before and have actually been a victim before she played the victim.'

What's your opinion on these two's neverending feud?

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  • TinaMarieBabyG.
    TinaMarieBabyG. Feb 23, 2019 7:39 AM PST

    This whole mess with 50 cent and Teairre is crazy and even with her owing him money 50 is a mess and he always trying to be relevant! If she didn't owe him money it would be something else in the media to throw out there to talk about! And that's all i have to say about it! I hope she can pay him and get him the f out of her life! Cause hes so much drama for a man! Get him paid and out of your square once for all!

    • Sk
      Sk Mar 12, 2019 10:17 AM PDT

      Are you 25? How is a rich Executive Producer with 2 tv shows and Movies not relevant? Evertyime i click on, i see his Instagram posts on the news. Whats relevant to you? Some mumble mouth rapping on the radio 24/7 that no one will care about in 5 years? A Love and Hip Hop? Whats relevant? How do you measure it? Fif been popping for damn near 20 years...and can probably do 20 more. So I Would choose what he has over your "relevant" choices

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