50 Cent Is Still Shaming Lala Kent With A Series Of Eye-Popping Videos -- Will Randall Emmet Intervene?

50 Cent Is Still Shaming Lala Kent With A Series Of Eye-Popping Videos -- Will Randall Emmet Intervene?
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50 Cent has been known for making the occasional inflammatory remark -- quite obviously on purpose -- and he seems to have a variety of new targets lately.

He has recently been involved in a back-and-forth with Lala Kent, who initially tried using her colorful personality on him, only to realize that the rapper wanted to have none of that, and was always ready to shut her down when she was trying to make herself look more interesting than she was.

Lala started feuding with 50 Cent over her fiancé, Randall Emmet, who owed him a large sum of money.

However, it did look like Lala took the hint, as she went on to take even more jabs at the rapper in a recent interview, claiming that she might have hurt his ego.

And while many pointed out that this was a weak attack, to begin with, it doe not sound like 50 Cent enjoys having his name dropped by random people in public statements like that.

As a result, 50 quickly fired off a barrage of posts attacking Lala on various fronts, starting with a jab at her partner's neck and chin in an Instagram post that immediately drew a lot of attention.

The rapper then posted a number of videos making fun of Lala in embarrassing moments of her life and seemed quite relentless in his desire to tear her down.

Many of 50 Cent's fans seem to be enjoying the whole ordeal, although the exchange has also drawn some criticism to the rapper himself, with some claiming that he may have gone a bit too far with some of his posts.

However, then, 50 is not exactly known for pulling his punches.

One fan had this reaction: "Oh boy...here we go again! I need a glass of wine for this one.LMFAOOOOOO yo where do you be finding your receipts from. I don’t know why people come for you 😂. You got something on everybody 😂😂😂."

Another person stated: "Fofty has a whole team searching the internet for her unfortunate interviews and comments. Can u please post her with her baby bottle. 😂😂😂🍼🍼🍼"

This follower claimed: "Remember that one time she said she was the reincarnation of Tupac... Lauren from Utah 🤣🤣."

50 Cent is all about taking her targets down.

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