50 Cent Is Back With The Shade - This Time He Slams The Disgraced R. Kelly - Check Out The Video

50 Cent Is Back With The Shade - This Time He Slams The Disgraced R. Kelly - Check Out The Video
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50 Cent has been restless in his shade this year as well. Starting from his baby mama , Tekashi 69's girl, Jade, Wendy Williams and more, he keeps offering people his opinions on all kinds of subjects. Now it's time for the R. Kelly controversy. Check out 50 Cent's shade below.

He presented a video with R. Kelly at a club in Chicago. The Shade Room posted the video.

A lot of celebrities spoke about this massive subject, and a lot of fans were curious to find out where their idols stand in this story.

For instance, Kandi Burruss' fans asked her what's her opinion on all this, and  Lady Gaga has decided to throw R. Kelly under the bus  after the Lifetime docu-series,  Surviving R. Kelly .

Now, 50 Cent's fans also had all kinds of opinions on the subject, and they made sure to present them in the comments section.

Someone began saying, 'Honestly, Ok we do feel sorry for the victims. However, those young ladies continued to return and didn’t scream out rape, nor call the cops. One girl said Kelly had her staying in a room and she use to text the other girl on her cellphone so they can meet inside the house. ( Why didn’t she call the cops?) The cellphone is in her hands. Another girl said she snuck over the grown man house when her mom was at work. (Sounds like a fast little whore to me). The young lady that he met at the mall she went to his house the same day. Why are you going over a grown man house? I know if it was our family members we will take it differently.'

The same person continued and explained this: 'So maybe we all don’t like his actions, and some of the girls wanted to have sex with him too, and many were victims too. They continued to return and never yelled raped nor called the cops. I feel so sorry for everyone. Therefore, his music is amazing. I still love his music 🎶. If this were Beyoncé y’all would still listen to her music. Hey, we still cherish Michael Jackson’s music and look at him as an icon. It was proven Michael Jackson was sleeping with little white boys and raping them several times. (He paid the parents off). We still love his music. So as a person (R.Kelly has problems) as a music artist (He’s one of the greatest).'

Another commenter thinks that 50 Cent should stop listening to R. Kelly's music: '@50cent get the strap and make sure this evil guy cannot harm anybody anymore. F... his music. Don't listen to it anymore.'

Someone else said that his music has nothing to do with what happened: 'ima always defend his music A whole generation was Born to it u can’t take that away there are always two sides of a story can’t hate that man for some he say she say if he did sexual abuse some women Nd have a sex cult then he most def should go down and with everyone making this about what happened ten years ago should go right down with him no one is perfect.'

What's your opinion on the matter?

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