50 Cent Enrages People With Offensive ’Trans-Slender’ Meme Post!

50 Cent Enrages People With Offensive ’Trans-Slender’ Meme Post!
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The rapper doesn’t care much about being politically correct when it comes to his humor and that is something people on social media really dislike about him. That being said, 50 Cent caused some outrage once again when he posted a joke about being ‘trans-slender,’ meaning someone who is ‘fat’ but 'identifies' as ‘skinny.‘

‘I’m fat, but I identify as skinny. I’m trans-slender,’ the meme he shared reads.

In the caption, he also wrote: ‘Gym time let’s go,’ clarifying that he feels like he needs to lose some weight.

Despite the joke seemingly being directed at himself, people still got very upset.

As you can imagine, the LGBTQ community was not too happy about the rapper pretty much mocking transgenderism by using the term in such a context.

Some people found his post funny anyway, including fellow stars such as Jamie Foxx.

Jill Scott commented on it as well, but it is not too clear what she thought of the meme.

‘Ugh, fine, to the gym it is. @50cent, appearing mean af with the audacity to be inspirational,’ she wrote.

However, most of his followers were not amused, nor were they motivated to work out by his post.

‘Wow!!! So inappropriate. Smh,’ someone wrote, referring to 50 using the term ‘trans-slender.’

Activist and transgender model Jaimie Wilson had something to say about it as well: ‘Hope you realize that’s not how being transgender works. You call it ‘humor’ but I don’t think you’re taking into account all the trans people murdered and discriminated against. Maybe if you knew you wouldn’t find it funny.’

Others tried to make him see how offensive he was by comparing his ‘transphobia’ to racism.

Many of his fans defended the man, however, and the rapper himself also responded, asking people to ‘Please don’t follow me, [if] you don’t understand my humor.’

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