50 Cent Enjoys A Date Night Out With His GF, Cuban Link

50 Cent Enjoys A Date Night Out With His GF, Cuban Link
Credit: BET

50 Cent is enjoying a date night out with his lady, Cuban Link. The Shade Room has a photo of the two of them together at dinner.

'#TSRBaeWatch: #50Cent & his boo #CubanLink out here having a peaceful date night meanwhile the rest of us are in pieces trying to figure out that last #Power episode 😩--No spoilers but who y'all think did it?! 👀' TSR captioned their post.

Someone talked about 50's show, Power: 'After he killed ghost he jus out here on a date chillen huh😂'

Another commenter addressed 50 Cent's GF and said: 'She’s got to be missing a few “links” to be dealing with him.😂😂'

One other follower posted: 'I think he was having a dream, they not gone let the main character die.'

Someone else said: 'Tariq! Remember Ghost told him the story of the friend he killed and how he gave the friend a second chance to change his mind and he didn’t so he forced his hand! Well, Tariq came and asked him again if he wanted him to turn himself in and GHOST said yeah! 📌📌 #RememberITOLDYALL @50cent.'

Another follower also talked about the show and said: 'I think it was Tasha’s love interest from the daycare. He’s the only one that they showed in the preview at the beginning that wasn’t in the episode.. and there was a car following him the entire episode, but they don’t show who’s driving the car. Also, last episode the guy told Tasha that he would handle Ghost for her, and she told him she can handle him herself. It’s definitely dude from the daycare.'

Someone on Twitter said: 'I was shocked Ghost put his hands on Tasha. But she deserved it for telling him she was going to snitch on him. Yet she killed Keisha for doing the same thing....🤦🏽‍♀️. I'm addicted to this show for real...😅'

Speaking of 50 Cent, Cynthia Bailey shared a photo featuring herself while channeling him for Halloween on her social media account.

Fans remembered when she killed this outfit and made sure to praise her once again.


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