50 Cent Disses Michael Jackson Claims Chris Brown Is ‘New King Of Pop’ – Fans Rip Rapper For Remarks

50 Cent Disses Michael Jackson Claims Chris Brown Is ‘New King Of Pop’ – Fans Rip Rapper For Remarks
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50 Cent has dissed Michael Jackson by claiming Chris Brown is the "new king of pop." His remarks are not sitting well with fans landing the controversial rapper in hot water once again.

After Brown reached a new milestone in his music career, 50 Cent decided to make a bold statement. The singer has become the 7th highest selling artist for singles in the United States.

"@ChrisBrown has sold 69.5 million singles in the US making him the 7th best-selling singles artist of all time. He has now totaled 100 RIAA certified units," was the picture 50 Cent shared on Instagram.

No one is begrudging Brown, his accomplishment. People may not like him because of his personal actions, such as what happened with Rihanna, but his music milestones can't be argued.

What has fans once again coming for the Power star is his shade toward Michael Jackson.

"CB better then MJ to me now, I can't believe mike wanted to touch the little boys' booty. what the f%&k man," 50 Cent captioned the picture.

It is bad enough he dared to claim Brown is better than Jackson but then to bring up the criminal allegations against the legendary icon put fans over the edge. After all, Brown is not free of controversy, especially when it comes to abuse.

Fans wasted no time blowing up the comments section of 50 Cent post.

"you going to far now TAKE IT BACK," commented jackthriller along with several angry face emoji.

"Michael Jackson was investigated by the FBI and was found not guilty by a jury! Chris Brown- a woman beater- GUILTY! Find out who shot ya! In my Biggie's voice," retaliated mz.marilynt.

"Chris brown WILL NEVER be in the same category as Michael Jackson put that crack down," said spetrini319.

"Then boom! I was finally coming around to like 50. That's sooo wrong. So much for this potential fan. MJ don't deserve that. MJ is the best to ever do it. Period," shared avirginsfantasy.

50 Cent has managed to make fans even angrier with him. The rapper has now alienated people with his remarks regarding Chris Brown being better than Michael Jackson.

It is not only the actor calling Brown the "new king of pop" but also bringing up Jackson's alleged abuse accusations that have fans coming for 50 Cent. What are your thoughts?


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