50 Cent Creates New Merch Inspired By The Rapper Who Pressed Him

50 Cent Creates New Merch Inspired By The Rapper Who Pressed Him
Credit: FACT Magazine

Just the other day, 50 Cent has been involved in an argument while he was on a date with Black Ink Crew star Nikki Nicole. Then it seems that an aspiring rapper was trying to get his music heard by 50.

Hot New Hip Hop reports that 50 Cent has been practically harassed by the man and he explained to him that such behavior would never take him too far. Things almost got physical, so it's understandable that 50 Cent got mad.

Now, 50 seems to be already taking advantage of what went down there, and he's just designed some new clothes after the unfortunate event. You can see what happened below.

People are standing by 50 Cent on this one.

Someone said: 'This was wack as fu*k you'll never get in the industry doing shit like this,' and another follower posted: 'He lucky 50 ain’t knock his head off.'

One other commenter said: 'Everybody is missing the entire point of this situation... 50 cent is a businessman, why are you walking up on him talking with your hands like that? This man should have had a CD with him and correctly approached him like, “hey fif I see you out doing your thing no disrespect y’all two look good together but I’m an artist could you listen to my cd”. An from there it’s out of his hands but that would have been a better approach. Fif might have been on edge cause he was alone and bruh been shot 9 times, and he obviously didn’t have a gun, so I’m sure that the way this man was approaching him gave 50 a sense to go on the defense.'

Here's 50's merch:

Some people mocked 50 Cent after what he did with this merchandise and said that he's just taking things too far. What do you think?

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