50 Cent Continues To Defend His Choice To Disown His Oldest Son - Find Out Why Here!

50 Cent Continues To Defend His Choice To Disown His Oldest Son - Find Out Why Here!
Source: Vibe.com

50 Cent is once again feuding with Shaniqua Tompkins on social media. The "Get Rich Or Die Trying" rapper took to Instagram yesterday and ended up inadvertently upsetting the mother of his son.

Fans of the Power star will remember that just a few months ago, 50 Cent used his social media to state he wanted nothing to do with his eldest son, Marquise Jackson - the child of Shaniqua Tompkins.

The rapper blamed Shaniqua for creating the tense feud between Marquise and 50.

The bad blood is being re-stirred on social media, as the South Jamaican native wrote a fatherly message to one of his friend's sons on Instagram, pushing one fan to ask him a confrontational question.

The message on Instagram that started all of this mess was 50 Cent's post to a twelve-year-old boy named Davian, who - as was mentioned earlier in the article -  is the son of one of his close friends.

Davian went back to school this Thursday, and 50 wrote, in a paternal fashion, that he was proud of him in the caption.

The fan's comment that restarted the feud was "just how many kids do you have?"

50 Cent - whose formal name is Curtis Jackson - wrote, "Just 2," because he has no relationship with "Shanique's" son.

50's retort seemed to bother Tompkins as she had a vicious retort for the rapper. In a report from Vibe, the publication stated Shaniqua called him weak and cowardly.

She stated, "Mood: sometimes all you can do is pray for the foolish and then laugh at how silly this weak n***a is." Not long after this brief rift on social media, 50 went back on Instagram to write yet another message to Davian, just to upset social media haters as well as Tompkins.


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