50 Cent Contemplates Whether He's Still Attracted To Halle Berry Following Her Trans Movie Bail Out

50 Cent Contemplates Whether He's Still Attracted To Halle Berry Following Her Trans Movie Bail Out
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50 Cent commented on Halle Berry's recent bailout from her role as a transgender man. The rap star is seriously considering whether he's attracted to her anymore. Halle Berry has been hailed as one of the most attractive women in Hollywood, making her the target of many men's affection.

Berry recently revealed her interest in the role, however, many people online attacked her, stating that it should be left for an LGBTQIA+ member instead. More specifically, the role should be left for an actual trans man.

Not long after the Hollywood star began receiving massive backlash from social media users, Halle Berry dropped out of the job and apologized for ever expressing interest in it at all. 50 Cent, who is hip-hop's biggest troll next to Tekashi 6ix9ine, loves to comment on incidents such as these.

Hot New Hip Hop says that 50 Cent has always been trying to get Halle Berry to love him, but he's not sure if he's interested anymore. Jackson wrote on his account, "You wanted to do what? Why?"

The rapper went on to say that he felt conflicted as to whether he liked her anymore because it would make him "gay" if she played a trans man. Regardless of 50 Cent's comments, this wouldn't be the first time a Hollywood actress was slammed for expressing interest in a role outside of what social media users have allowed.

Scarlett Johansson had her own controversial issue in which she signed on to star as a transgender person but had to back down at the last minute.

Johansson was viciously criticized on the internet, so much to the point that she released a defiant statement claiming she had the right to personify any character or entity she wanted.

Johannson has been defiant toward the ideology of Hollywood before, including when she voiced her support for Woody Allen despite his persona non grata status in the entertainment industry of Hollywood.


Halle Berry, on the other hand, has had far fewer controversies throughout her career, with the exception of a few prolific relationships and on-set injuries.

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