50 Cent Claims Power Will No Longer End After Season Six -- Fans Wonder If He Is Trolling Or Not

50 Cent Claims Power Will No Longer End After Season Six -- Fans Wonder If He Is Trolling Or Not
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Power is just one of the multiple shows that are slated to be ending this year. However, a new post from 50 Cent claims that it will be back for yet another season.

Power, much like Game of Thrones, has been one of the most anticipated shows to watch of every year. While the polar opposite series air on different premium networks, 50 has commented on the disappointment of the final season of GOT and promised fans that the upcoming series finale of the show he has a hand in executive producing will not disappoint.

But it was just a few days ago that 50, seemingly on a whim, said that Power would not end with the sixth installment and would run for another year.

'I Changed my mind POWER is not going to be over after season 6. This s*** is to good.'

Fans questioned if he was trolling in his comment section.

'Don't be lying,' said one user.

'He's playing with our feelings,' said another follower.

'Pay no mind to fofty. They already filmed the show,' a fan added.

It also seems impossible that Fifty could suddenly change his mind after the show has already been announced by the network to be ending with the first episode of the last season airing in August.

Yesterday, the rapper came back with his claim of continuance with a picture of star Naturi Naughton alongside a caption that read: 'I have decided not to end POWER. When you see season 6 you will understand why, Smh 🤦‍♂️ too good.'

Now, it seems that the mogul is serious. It could be possible that while in post-production, the crew decided to keep the series going.

Power is one of the top-rated shows in Starz history so it would not be a surprise if the network got behind the sudden decision.

Do you believe that Power will return after this season?

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