50 Cent Claims He Got His Phone Back After His GF, Cuban Link Stole It

50 Cent Claims He Got His Phone Back After His GF, Cuban Link Stole It
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Earlier today, it's been revealed that something was wrong with 50 Cent’s phone , and a lot of fans believe that the device might have been hacked. It all started a few hours ago when a photo of his GF Cuban Linked popped up on his account, and the caption of a photo said that she took over.

At first, fans thought that this is just a joke, but then even more pics featuring Link appeared on 50 Cent’s IG, and that’s when people started to believe that this is definitely not her fooling around.

On the other hand, now, another message appeared on 50 Cent's phone, which makes it seem that he's taking over again. He allegedly says that Cuban Link had the phone.

Check out the photo and message that he seems to have posted below.

Also, all the pics that his GF posted are deleted now.

'Now what the f*ck would make this girl do some shit like this, 😤playing with my phone she gotta go! #right now #getupandfixyourhair #👀I gotta watch your sneaky ass #im telling ya mother #i don’t care about coronavirus #wake up you going now,' 50 Cent posted.

Cuban Link hopped in the comments and said: '...we’re #quarantined together.'

Another follower posted this: 'She said she loved you and wasn’t going anywhere 😂 lol' and someone else said: 'Yea, right. She’s still going to be right there you wouldn’t kick her out.'

A fan said: 'Never seen 50 in his feelings, you love this girl homie 😂' and another commenter posted this: 'DAMN 50! She might take half your shit! She might not even leave you with 25 cents. She gots to go!'#getthestrap

Someone else asked 50 Cent why he deleted everything that Cuban posted: 'Why would you delete the pics 50 cmon that ya girl dog chill.🤨'

A commenter said: 'Hello Love. That's right, wrap your arms all over that man, @50cent and squeeze him tight. Enjoy each other completely.'

What do you think is going on with 50 Cent's phone and relationship?

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