50 Cent Brings Tears In Fans' Eyes With This Video - Check Out The Sensitive Subject That He Touched

50 Cent Brings Tears In Fans' Eyes With This Video - Check Out The Sensitive Subject That He Touched
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50 Cent was live on his social media account and he even made some of his fans cry recently. He was addressing his memories of Pop Smoke, but he also talked about executive producing his album.

Check out the video that The Shade Room shared below.

Lots of fans told 50 that he made them cry be recalling Pop Smoke.

Someone commented: '50 really liked Pop Smoke cause he doesn’t talk about anybody that passed.'

A follower said: 'Wait til Bobby Shmurda gets released, I need them on a track together.'

One other commenter posted this: 'So y’all actually liked his music? ....oh... ok . Quote one Pop Smoke lyric that’s not him saying random words...I’ll wait 🤔'

Someone else said: 'you say 50 is a facts and numbers man. If he wants to finish his album, he knows why since he's a facts and numbers man. It's not for you to make sense of it or understand, it's for people who liked his music like myself, cause it was different and like a breath of fresh air. And I can appreciate 50 for that!'

Another follower said that this is the ideal baby-making time during the coronavirus crisis and posted: 'There is going to be a lot of babies being born once this quarantine blows over!!! I’m just thanking God that I won’t be one of them!!!'

One follower wrote: 'She obviously was pregnant before all of this went on... some of y’all gotta start using your brain.'

Someone else posted: 'They always wanna put a baby in you after they see you going hard working out.'

Other than this, the rapper did not hesitate to call out his followers just in case they might get lazy while in self-quarantine and stop working out.

50 Cent wishes that people won’t choose to press pause on physical exercise even while they are stuck inside their houses during this global crisis.

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