50 Cent Body-Shames Nemesis Wendy Williams And Fans Call Him Out On It!

50 Cent Body-Shames Nemesis Wendy Williams And Fans Call Him Out On It!
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50 Cent is once again trolling his nemesis Wendy Williams, but fans are sick and tired of his pettiness and uncalled-for disses. It all started with the talk show host posting a pic in celebration of Pride and now, social media is accusing the rapper of body-shaming her following his comment on the snap.

The pic taken at NYC Pride featured Wendy wearing a rainbow jumpsuit, showing off her every curve as she posed in a cool way, sprawled out onto yet another rainbow in the background.

Seeing this, 50 thought it would be great fun to criticize her body.

He took a screengrab, reposted the snap of his own Twitter and alongside it, he wrote: ‘This b***h skipped leg day for 20 years.’

In response, fans called 50 out for body-shaming the woman by making fun of her thin legs.

One commenter in particular got his attention and reply when they wrote: ‘This is body shaming and is actually so gross. Cheap by name, cheap by reputation.’

‘Get the f**k off my page,’ the rapper exploded.

Regardless, the support continued to pour in his comment section with people saying things like: ‘Wendy is unbothered. Let her live. It’s not funny anymore.’ / ‘This is so low. Shame on you.’ / ‘Why did he just come at her for no reason?’ / ‘So mean/.’

Wendy and 50 Cent have been at each other’s throats for a very long time, with the rapper usually instigating the fights and Wendy clapping back on her talk show during her Hot Topics segment so his trolling is not surprising in the slightest.

At this point, however, she is yet to respond to his latest diss since she’s still on vacation.

The show is expected to resume on July 8.

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