50 Cent And Russell Simmons Slam Oprah Winfrey's #MeToo Documentary

50 Cent And Russell Simmons Slam Oprah Winfrey's #MeToo Documentary
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Russell Simmons, one of the big names to suffer a reputation hit following the beginning of the #MeToo movement in late 2017, responded to Oprah Winfrey's new documentary which explored the allegations against him among others.

However, E! Online reports that Mr. Simmons wasn't exactly pleased with her depiction of the claims. In an Instagram post on Friday, the 62-year-old entertainment industry mogul slammed the 65-year-old with a long message.

You can check out his post in the Instagram link below:

This comes at an especially pertinent time considering the filmmakers Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick are gearing up to release a documentary touching on sexual assault and exploitation in the music industry claims a new report from Variety.

Reported first by the LA Times, the story is about an ex-music executive who struggles with going public with her story of assault at the hands of someone very powerful in the industry. Drew Dixon is the main subject of the movie.

Followers of the case know that Dixon used to work at Def Jams Recordings and was just one of the women who accused Mr. Simmons of sexual assault. As it was previously reported, the allegations against Russell came out in an essay in the New York Times back in 2017.

Russell denied all claims of non-consensual sex. In the post from the past, Mr. Simmons described the accusations as "horrific" and they "shocked" him at his core. The star described his interactions with women as consensual and never forcible.

Reportedly, Simmons wasn't the only star to take shots at the new documentary either. In fact, 50 Cent, as well, another big name in the music industry, asked why Oprah chose to talk about just black men. Curtis Jackson, also known as 50 Cent, asked why she didn't go after men like Harvey Weinstein or Jeffrey Epstein.

50 Cent claims the television mogul went after just black men, including Michael Jackson, Russell Simmons, and he also referred to the interview between Gayle King with R. Kelly.


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