43-year-old Kate Hudson can only be envied because she is in perfect shape

43-year-old Kate Hudson can only be envied because she is in perfect shape
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It's hard to believe, but once the actress struggled with being overweight: during pregnancy, she recovered by 30 kilograms. How to love yourself and put your body in order, Hudson said in the book, "Just be happy."

Now the actress leads a healthy lifestyle, exercising 4-5 times a week. She also monitors her diet and even arranges detox days for herself only on liquid foods. Kate shares her results on social networks.

Recently, the actress posted a topless picture. On it, Hudson has breakfast by the window, dressed only in high-waisted underpants, and her chest is covered with long hair. "The sun is out," the star signed the photo.

Fans and subscribers appreciated this frame. "If I looked like this, I would always walk like this," "Incredible," "40 is the new 20! You look luxurious," the followers appreciated.

But Kate's older brother, Oliver Hudson , was not happy with such a photo of his sister, expressing his comic disapproval in the comments. "No," Oliver wrote.

In a previous post, In September, Hudson posted a funny video of himself running naked in the snow.

He said the video was initially removed by Instagram, but that did not stop the actor and sibling Revolver podcast host from reposting it.

"I filmed it with my son. It's amazing behind the scenes of this Instagram post because I'm angry with him because he doesn't understand it," he shared.

"It's really funny. Instagram took it down, and I'm like, 'What's going on?' And I just decided to look at what Instagram is and what it does, and the number of photos on Instagram that I put in is far more admirable than that, but then I reposted it. I reposted because I was like, 'Come on, guys, what, really?' And we'll see what happens. "



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