21 Savage Confirms He Really Is An Illegal Immigrant From The United Kingdom

21 Savage Confirms He Really Is An Illegal Immigrant From The United Kingdom
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Earlier this week, it was revealed that the Atlanta, Georgia rapper, 21 Savage, is actually an illegal immigrant who came overseas from the United Kingdom when he was an adolescent boy. Reports have it that the "Rockstar" artist has been living illegally in the United States for fourteen years.

Released by his attorney-at-law, the statement confirmed what the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency was saying earlier in the month, that Savage was really born in the United Kingdom nearly 27 years ago in 1992.

However, She'yaa bin Abraham-Joseph, known to the public as 21 Savage, claims ICE's information on him is inaccurate. Supposedly, Abraham-Joseph came to the United States from Britain in 2005 when he was just a 12-year-old boy claims the federal bureaucracy.

Savage was in the United States of America for one year and he and his mother never renewed his visa. Abraham-Joseph says this information is actually wrong. The 26-year-old, who's turning 27 this year, said he actually came over when he was 7-years-old on an H-4 visa.

It would've been in the year 1999 around that time. Joseph states he went back to the United Kingdom for one month in 2005 but returned with a visa that was still good. By the year 2006, the rapper claims he lost his status to stay in the nation "through no fault of (his) own."

Joseph applied for a new visa in 2017 when he realized he has been in the United States illegally since 2017. Charles H. Kluck, the rapper's attorney, says that Homeland Security has known about his status as an immigrant since that application.

On Monday, his lawyer said that ICE is trying to "intimidate" him into leaving the United States and they refuse to let him out of jail. In another statement at the beginning of this week, Kluck said that Savage has been eligible to seek cancelation of removal because he has lived in the United States almost his entire life and has four siblings as well as his mother.

Moreover, his attorney claims that ICE may have chosen to boot him out of the country after he criticized border control recently in a song of his, "A Lot." Currently, Savage is held on a 23-hour lockdown. What a terribly unfortunate situation for Mr. Abraham-Joseph, who has been topping the charts for the last 2 years.

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