2 Months Later And Bill Maher Is Still Getting Hate From Stan Lee Fans - Here's What Bill Had To Say

2 Months Later And Bill Maher Is Still Getting Hate From Stan Lee Fans - Here's What Bill Had To Say
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Ever since Bill Maher made derogatory comments about comic books, fans of Stan Lee haven't been willing at all to let the controversial television host move on. It's been two months since Bill questioned the value of comic books, stating they were mostly for children, and they always have been.

In the last 20 years, comic books went from being on the fringes of popular culture, and now they're some of the most profitable stories ever told, especially as film studios continue to pump out movie after movie. Bill Maher, however, isn't proud of this phenomenon.

When Stan Lee died, Maher wrote on his blog that he doubted the value in comic books, and Stan's legacy wasn't quite as profound and meaningful as people have suggested.

On his post, Bill said Stan inspired people to merely "go watch movies," and then stated he wasn't surprised a culture that venerates comic books would elect Donald Trump. On Friday, Bill addressed the controversy yet again and even doubled down on his past remarks.

Bill reiterated the points he already made, stating that while it wasn't his intention to denigrate Stan Lee's legacy, he still doesn't believe venerating comic books is a great past-time for adults.

Bill joked that he wasn't glad that Stan Lee was dead, he was sad that comic book fans are still alive. Moreover, Bill addressed the complaints from Kevin Smith, whom Bill once called fat on the air. In a tweet you can see above, Kevin Smith shared a video in which he appeared on  Real Time With Bill Maher.

Speaking on the value of comic book movies once again, Maher joked that every comic book movie isn't that great anyway. A person who doesn't have powers suddenly acquires them and then has to find a "glowy thing" to save the world, the host joked.

"There is nothing wrong with a man writing comic books. There is something wrong with adults thinking they're profound," Maher said.

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