16-Year-Old The Flash Alum Logan Williams Passes Away Suddenly

16-Year-Old The Flash Alum Logan Williams Passes Away Suddenly
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This past month has been rough for the entertainment industry. In addition to production closures all across the business, for instance, NBC shutting down 35 productions last month , we've also seen the loss of many legendary figures.

The New York Post revealed on Thursday that another star to pass away this year is Logan Williams, who's perhaps most famous for his appearances on The Flash , on CW. The outlet claims the young man died at 16.

While some might assume he died from coronavirus complications, no one knows how the 16-year-old passed away. On Instagram this Friday, Grant Gustin shouted out to Logan, stating he was "devastated" to hear the sad news.

Paraphrasing what Grant had to say on his Instagram, Logan was a very impressive young man with tremendous talent. The actor noted his professionalism while working on The Flash. His agent, Michelle Gauvin, who works for Performer's Management, Vancouver, wrote a statement to The Post confirming his death.

Many other celebrities and co-workers shouted out to the young man as well. As it was noted above, the entertainment industry has seen the deaths of many figures over the last few weeks, including an audio technician for NBC and Andrew Jack, who worked on th e Star Wars franchise.

Additionally, the legendary Bill Withers, known for classic songs like "Lean on Me" and many others, died after writing some of the most iconic songs of all time.

While it's not clear if Williams or Withers died from the coronavirus, celebrities have been struck by COVID-19, including Andy Cohen, who, after saying he would be filming Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen from his home, revealed he contracted the coronavirus too.

Furthermore, Colton Underwood, The Bachelor alum, revealed on his Instagram in March that he tested positive for COVID-19 and was staying at his girlfriend's house where they were taking care of him on the top floor of their home.

Interestingly, Colton explained that the virus hit him particularly hard, despite being in great physical condition and health.

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